Knit Bowtie HairTie

I wanted to send a little extra something with my shipments this month so I came up with this sweet little pattern. So cute and so simple… and easy to make with leftover yarn.

Body of bowtie 

Co 7 sts onto US 9 needles

R1: k

R2: p

Continue for 12 rows total then BO.

Weave in ends. In the 6th row from the end, use the running stitch to go in and out over the loops and go back in the 7th row so excess yarns are both on the bottom of the bow. I used a different color in the photo below so hopefully it’s more clear.

Cinch the running stitches so the middle is cinched. Double knot the ends and wrap excess around the center. This will be covered by the middle of the bowtie.

Middle of bowtie

CO 3 sts into US 9 needles

R1: k

R2: p

Cont for 6 rows total then BO. Leave an extra tail. We’ll use this to sew the ends together.

Line up the center of the bow tie so it’s around the bowtie. You’ll want the seam in the back of the bowtie.

Line up the elastic hair tie to be sew against the bow tie.

This is what mine looked like after I sewed the ends of the middle together.

Weave in the ends and it’s ready to be worn!


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