Flower crown

About a week ago, I attempted to make a flower crown. I’m getting married in less than two weeks and wanted to make one for the big day. It was a failure… not a complete failure, it wasn’t too bad to look at, but I definitely felt I could’ve done a better job.

Anyways, I started off with floral wire, floral tape and a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Step 1: shape some floral wire to fit around my head (about 23″). It took 1.5 wires and I made loops so there wouldn’t be any sharp edges poking me.

Step 2: Cut the flowers and greenery so there’s about 2-3″ of the stem left.

Step 4 (optional): I arranged the flowers in the order I wanted to put them on the crown.

Step 5: Start wrapping the flowers and greenery onto the floral wire crown.

List of mistakes I made:

  • I was attempting to wrap with the whole roll of tape rather than ripping off shorter, more manageable strips to wrap with.
  • I was wrapping from the stem to the flower rather than starting at the base of the flower and going toward the stem. It’s amazing how of a difference this can make.
  • I needed more greenery! It really helps to cover up the tape, helps the flowers stand out more and adds more snazziness to the flower crown.
  • Some flowers (e.g. daisies) have flimsy stems and require extra reinforcement so the flowers don’t fall off the stem.

Flower Crown, Take 2:

After a week of reflecting on all the mistakes I made, I attempted to make a second flower crown. I followed the same process with a few changes which are listed below.

Here are the flowers for take 2!

Here, I’m reinforcing the stems with a thin floral wire. I cut double the length of the stem, folded it in half and then reinforced the stem by wrapping it around. This worked beautifully and I didn’t lose any daisies while wrapping this crown.

Here’s the finished product!! So much happier with this one. 🙂



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