My Dyeing Adventures: Intro

When I try something, I do a little research and jump whole-heartedly into the task. Usually these attempts fail and I learn a whole bunch of lessons that I can either apply to the next time I try it or decide it’s just not for me and never attempt it again.

There’s so many inspiring yarn-dyeing artist on IG, I couldn’t help but get inspired to at least try AND when I was at a local crafting store, I happened upon dyeable yarn in the clearance section. WHAT!!! It was a sign!! I bought all of the skeins they had, got some food coloring and rushed home.

My favorite yarns to knit with have been ombre where the color subtly changes as I keep knitting. You’ll find that post here. For this post, I’ll be writing about my kettle dyeing experience which seemed like a classic and simple way of dyeing yarn.

Google and Pinterest are my best friends when it comes to my crazy projects like this. Here are the blogs I used for reference during this process:

Love Knitting Blog

Blue Brick

Something About Yarn

Here’s the yarn I found.

I let the yarns soak in a vinegar/water bath (4 parts cold water to 1 part vinegar). I filled it up enough with that ratio to cover the yarn. They sat in their water bath for 30 minutes while I prepared the dye bath.

I filled up a large pot halfway (I had three skeins to dye) and added a couple good glugs of vinegar. I brought the water up to a simmer. I love shades of blue so I used Royal Blue and Teal to get the color I wanted.

I wanted some variation in my yarn so I didn’t push the yarn down all the way and let some of it sit purposely, partially out of the dye water.

I let it continue to simmer for around 10 minutes before checking on it again and to my surprise, the yarn had soaked up ALL the dye and the water was clear!!! WHAT!!! *Mind blown*.

I carefully fished out the skeins and took them outside to cool off in the nice summer sun. When I got out there, I realized I didn’t have anywhere to hang them up so I laid them on the ground (don’t worry, it was clean from being hosed off after my ombre dyeing adventure).

Just like the ombre yarn, these didn’t turn out as dark as I’d hoped.

I rolled a skein up to see what it looked like in ball form and decided, yep, too light.

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