My Dyeing Adventures: Ombre!

You can read about the beginning of this adventure here.

I’ve had this wool yarn laying around for FOREVER and decided it would be a perfect candidate in my ombre dyeing project. It’s Lion Brand and 100% wool. I tried looking for it again, but couldn’t find it so it might have been discontinued. Like I said, it’s been laying around for forever.

I split the yarn into 7 different sections as Blue Brick explained how to do and tied them off into little skeins.


I covered the table in plastic wrap, as advised by multiple sites, and prepped my plastic cups. The original yarn has a bit of a yellow tint. I thought it would look gorgeous ombre-ing into a dark burgundy. So… I chose Red and Burgundy as my color choices to mix with.


I attempted to keep track of the how much of each color I used, but trying to mentally keep track of varying amounts of two colors separated into 6 different plastic cups was much more difficult than I anticipated.


Initially, I was spooning the color onto the yarn, but towards the end, I was dumping the cups of color (haha). It wasn’t turning out as dark as I would’ve liked.


Once I’d dumped all the plastic cups into their corresponding tiny skeins and made a mess (thankfully it was outside), I wrapped it all up in plastic wrap, put it on a steamer and steamed it for 30 minutes.


I wasn’t very happen with the results, so I didn’t roll them up or reskein them, I just contemplated my next course of action which you’ll find on my next post.

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