I finally took the plunge and revamped my store name. It was Deknit for 10+ years and it was about time for a change. Nalu Knits came about while I was doing an internship in Hawaii. In my 30+ years of life, the best lesson I keep learning over and over again is to just go with the flow. “Nalu” in Hawaiian means ‘wave’. A more poetic interpretation of “Nalu it” means to just go with the flow.

Deknit came about when my friends would always make fun of me for knitting and crocheting while studying or at parties. I felt as a young person knitting, I was undoing who society expected to be knitters: I was de-knitting societal expectations of who knitters were.

My grandparents used to watch me and my sisters when we were going up. Being a child who couldn’t sit still unless she was doing something, a neighbor decided to teach me how to crochet at 10 years old. Since then, I’ve been hooked. It started with mini-hats that could only fit dolls.

At 18, I wandered into a yarn store and signed up for knitting lessons. Since then, I’ve been enjoying combining knitting and crocheting to make unique accessories and making items people will love to wear.

I am currently a student studying at Touro University Nevada.

Each item is designed and made with care and love by me.


❤ nalu it!

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